Welcome to The El-Yussif Hip & Knee Institute.

Our mission is to resolve your pain and return you to a more healthy and active life.



Dr. Eddie El-Yussif:

  • is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Clinton Township, MI
  • combines his compassion and skills with the most advanced orthopedic treatments available today
  • is specialized in arthritis and is Fellowship Trained in Hip & Knee Replacement's
  • specializes in Partial Knee Replacements and has published a paper on how to perform this procedure  (Seminars in Arthroplasty)
  • performs minimally invasive surgery, which can result in less pain and a quicker recovery
  • performs a Rapid Recovery protocol which helps allows patients to walk on the day the surgery
  • utilizes a Multimodal Pain Protocol:  this allows for better pain control after surgery

Patient Testimonials:

"On Novemeber 4, 2013, I had a total knee replacement surgery on my left knee.  Within a day, I was up walking with the help of a walker.  Within 2 days, I was using a cane, and by the end of the week, I did not need any assistance.  Three weeks later, I was driving and performing my everyday tasks with no pain from my left knee.  This includes showering, cooking, and walking distances.  Things went so well, that I decided I could handle having my right knee done.  This procedure took place on Decemeber 30, 2013, and was a partial knee replacement.  This recovery went even better and quicker than the first.  I experienced very little to no pain from the surgery.  The nurse and physical therapist were amazed with how quick my full range of motion came back.  Everyone involved with my recovery continuously told me how well I was doing and how well I was healing.  I believe all this is attributed to Dr. Eddie El-Yussif's skill and knowledge.  His dedication to his patient's welfare is outstanding!  I would recommend Dr. Eddie El-Yussif to anyone needing knee surgery.  I strongly feel that my recovery would not have gone so well with anyone else."  --Roy B, 70 yr old male

"I'm 66 years old and have always been an avid outdoorsmen.  Several years ago, I began to have knee pain.  I had to give up one of my favorite past times.  The pain got worse and I decided I had to put my fear of surgery and have a partial knee replacement.  Three weeks later, I was back in the woods and making many more memories with my three grandchildren.  I highly recommend Dr. El-Yussif and would trust him in caring for my family and friends.  He gave me my life back and I can still enjoy the outdoors!" -- Patient H.W.