Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery is a protocol that Dr. El-Yussif has invented to get you to a functional state as quickly as possible.  Rapid Recovery consists of a series of steps from therapy, pain management, preoperative templating (putting the appropriate size of implants in the exact location), and minimally invasive approach.  There are many advantages with Rapid Recovery:

  1. Increased range of motion
  2. Decreased blood clots
  3. Decreased chance of pneumonia
  4. Shorter stay in the hospital
  5. Quicker recovery
  6. Quicker return to work
  7. Quicker return to activities

Before Surgery

  • Medical Clearance
  • Hold some medications
  • Preop class at Henry Ford Hospital
  • Hospital will call you the day before to tell you what time to arrive at the hospital

After Surgery

  • Wear your TED hose stockings for 1 month (remove for shower, remove at night after 2 weeks if no swelling)
  • You will be placed on a blood thinner for about 1 month.  This will be either Aspirin, Coumadin, or Lovenox
  • Keep your leg elevated to decrease swelling
  • You will be given pain medication to take as needed after surgery
  • Your first follow-up appointment will be about 3 weeks after surgery
  • If Hip Replacement:  follow hip dislocation precautions

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